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Mr. Ibu’s adopted daughter hijacks his TikTok account amidst mourning fans

Mr. Ibu and Jasmine Okafor

The passing of Nollywood legend Mr. Ibu sparked an outpouring of grief across social media platforms, but amidst the mourning, controversy has emerged surrounding his TikTok account.

Jasmine Okafor, Mr. Ibu’s adopted daughter, faces allegations of swiftly transferring ownership of the late actor’s 1.1 million-strong TikTok following to her name.

Blogger Tosin Silverdam raised eyebrows with claims that Jasmine had taken control of the account, prompting questions about her intentions and timing.

Silverdam’s scrutiny suggests Jasmine may have been aware of Mr. Ibu’s passing before it was publicly announced, pointing to the suddenness of the account transfer.

Furthermore, Silverdam juxtaposed Jasmine’s personal TikTok account, boasting over 1 million followers, with her actions regarding Mr. Ibu’s account.

The contrast raises suspicions about Jasmine’s motives in rebranding the late actor’s platform and removing all his content.

In response, Jasmine clarified that she had initially set up and managed Mr. Ibu’s TikTok account for several years.

However, the swift change in ownership has left lingering doubts and fueled speculation about her involvement in the matter.

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