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Spotify celebrates Ghana’s Independence with ‘Sounds of Ghana’ playlist destination


As Ghana celebrates its Independence Day, Spotify, the world’s leading audio streaming platform, is joining in the festivities with a special  Sounds of Ghana destination playlist curated specifically for this year’s Independence Day Celebrations. 

One of the unique features of the playlist is its ability to bridge generational and genre gaps, fostering a sense of unity and pride among Ghanaians. From the beats of Hiplife to the infectious rhythms of Azonto, the Sounds of Ghana Destination Playlist aims to encapsulate the spirit of Ghana’s cultural heritage and musical diversity.

Some of the featured playlist on the destination playlist include: 

  1. I love my 2000s Hiplife – takes a trip down memory lane featuring iconic tracks from the golden era of Hiplife.
  2. I love my 2010s Hiplife – celebrates the evolution of Hiplife from the 2010s
  3. Odo –  immerses listeners in romantic melodies with dedicated love songs.
  4. Hiplife Hits  – has timeless classics featuring Hiplife’s greatest hits.
  5. GH Rap – showcases the best of Ghanaian hip-hop.
  6. Abonten – Get ready to party with this playlist filled with upbeat rhythms and infectious grooves.
  7. Azonto fiesta – Dance the night away with this playlist celebrating the iconic Azonto dance craze.

Ghanaians across the country can find these curated playlists on Spotify and join in the celebration of Ghana’s independence through the power of music.

Whether you are celebrating at a local gathering, a family barbecue, or simply enjoying the day solo, the playlists are the perfect companion, fostering a sense of shared identity and cultural pride. 

The Sounds of Ghana Destination Playlist goes live from today until the weekend.

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