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Taylor Swift has earned an estimated £72m as 2023’s most-streamed artist across the globe


Spotify has announced that Taylor Swift is this year’s most streamed artist, with more than 26.1 billion global streams since January 1st, 2023.

New data analysis by Vegas Gems, has calculated the global superstar’s estimated earnings in 2023 from her Spotify global streams.

Based on Spotify’s pay per stream being an estimated £0.0028, Taylor Swift has earned a staggering £72,118,541.25 in 2023 from the streaming platform alone.

Taylor Swift’s earnings are not just from Spotify though, as the artist has had an incredibly successful year. ‘The Eras Tour’ has been the highest-grossing tour by a woman in history and is continuing across Latin America, Asia, Australia, and Europe throughout 2024.

As well as her tour, the popularity of the launch of ‘Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour’ in worldwide cinemas has called for its DVD availability. The singer even surprised fans by making an unexpected appearance at the movie premiere in Los Angeles.

Taylor Swift’s 2023 holiday merchandise was also a great success among Swifties. The collection, which included ornaments and previous tour merchandise, sold out within minutes following its last-minute announcement on X, formally known as Twitter.

A spokesperson for Vegas Gems commented on the findings: “Taylor Swift has clearly had one of the most successful years for any music artist to date. It is fascinating to analyse her Spotify revenue as the most streamed global artist of 2023 and look into her other ventures as part of the Taylor Swift brand.”

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