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Khebab-thon: ‘We’ll bring our beer’ – Why Ghanaian men are excited about Atinga’s Guinness World Records attempt

Khebab marathon Ghana

A Ghanaian man, Atinga Nsobila Joel, is gearing up to make history by attempting the Guinness World Record for the Longest Barbecue Marathon.

Scheduled to kick off on April 11 and extend through April 14, 2024, Joel aims to grill for an impressive 90 consecutive hours. While the exact location of this epic barbecue feat remains undisclosed, excitement is already building among men across the country.

The news of Joel’s ambitious endeavor broke on Twitter, courtesy of journalist Kenneth Awotwe Darko, sparking a flurry of inquiries about the event’s location. Men from various walks of life have flooded Darko’s timeline with eager questions, eager to participate in or witness the record-breaking barbecue marathon firsthand.

But what is it about Joel’s Guinness World Record attempt that has captured the imagination of Ghanaian men? For many, it’s the thrill of witnessing history in the making, as Joel sets out to accomplish a feat that few have dared to attempt.

The prospect of witnessing 90 hours of non-stop grilling, coupled with the anticipation of whether Joel will emerge victorious, has stirred excitement and curiosity among men of all ages.

Moreover, Joel’s barbecue marathon presents a unique opportunity for camaraderie and celebration. As news of the event spreads, many are already making plans to join in the festivities, bringing along their favorite beverages and accompaniments to enjoy alongside the sizzling barbecue.

From ice-cold beers to refreshing soft drinks, beverage brands are being called upon to partner in making this “Kheba-ton” – a term coined to blend “kebab” and “marathon” – a reality.

As the countdown to April 11 begins, anticipation continues to mount, with men across Ghana eagerly awaiting the chance to witness history in the making. Whether as spectators or participants, they are poised to rally behind Joel as he embarks on his quest to etch his name in the annals of barbecue greatness.

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