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Yaw Blvck shares catchy Summer jam ‘Cloud 9’

Yaw Blvck’s new release, ‘Cloud 9’ captures the sheen of the rising star in a package that spins adversity into a euphoric dancefloor-ready anthem that slaps. And with the Summer in full swing, it couldn’t have come at a better time!

‘Cloud 9’ is the tune for anyone in for a good time this Summer. Its laid-back atmosphere, smooth vocals and Amapiano-flavored production ooze a warmth that’s addictive and simply refreshing.

Yaw Blvck feels livelier than ever, expressing levels of joy and optimism fit for the season. And for good reason.

He delivers not just a fun and danceable track but a meaningful and inspirational one. According to the star, his latest is a reminder of why he makes music. But it gets deeper, “I wrote ‘Cloud 9’ coming out of my lowest moment this year, at a point where I thought I had no one but myself,” Yaw Blvck shares.

“I failed to see the smaller wins because I kept focusing on what was yet to be. Until I decided to step back and began to see all the blessings around me – my chargie, family and fans have been super supportive, and I made this for all of them.”

As revealed by the star, perspective is everything and the LiugeeBeatz-produced track sees Yaw Blvck inspire fans to do the same. He seeks to lead them to discover a new sense of wonder and delight, sharing: “This song put me on my ‘Cloud 9’ and I hope it helps you get to yours and gets you dancing.”

‘Cloud 9’ showcases Yaw Blvck’s potential and evolution as an artist as he continues to explore new sounds and styles. Don’t miss it.

Stream or download ‘Cloud 9’ across all major digital platforms here:

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