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Joeboy shares Body, Soul & Spirit EP


Afropop superstar Joeboy is closing out the year on a high note with the release of his new EP, Body, Soul & Spirit, out today via emPawa Africa.

The introspective five-song set is the Lagos, Nigeria-based singer’s second project of 2023, following the May release of his acclaimed sophomore album, Body & Soul

Arriving alongside the EP today is the video for self-preservation anthem “24/7,” which stars Joeboy as a disaffected 9-to-5 worker who disrupts his dull existence inside a brutalist Lagos office building.

Inspired by the track’s “Brother man, I want to dance and flex and feel alright” refrain, Joeboy turns the office’s drab surroundings into a frenetic afrobeats dance party in the visual from Nigerian filmmakers Adeola Fadola and KC Obajulu of 2Brthrs Films

Watch HERE: 

“Before I decided to do music, I thought I was going to end up being a banker, working in an office,” Joeboy says. “The ‘24/7’ video is showing the way I might have been. I’d still be doing my job but I’d be the life of the office. Or the life of the party in the office.”

A master of melodic hooks known for his earnest, soul-searching lyrics, Joeboy has been one of afrobeats’ most consistent hitmakers since bursting on the scene with his 2019 breakout hit “Baby,” which topped charts across Africa. The Lagos-based singer dives deep into his introspection bag on Body, Soul & Spirit, his second EP, which also includes the recent single “Only God Can Save Me,” produced by Debo.x

Where Body & Soul focused on themes of finding and embracing love, Body, Soul & Spirit is a darker, moodier project that sees Joeboy delve deep into his psyche to tackle subjects like navigating societal pressures, paranoia, insecurity and the dark side of love.

The Body, Soul & Spirit sessionscoincided with Joeboy learning to record himself in the studio, a development that led to self-reflection and a touch of melancholy. Where he would typically have other people around during his recording and writing process, for this project he was alone with a mic and a pen. Unburdened by companionship, Joeboy freely offloaded his pent-up emotions into a set of songs that found him setting off firmly in a fresh direction. 

“I have been through a rollercoaster of emotions since the release of my album,” Joeboy says. “I have had to really dig deep to keep my sanity intact and put on a brave face to keep up appearances. The songs on the EP embody my journey through this emotionally-draining period.”

Production on Body, Soul & Spirit was handled by up-and-coming Nigerian beatmakers Debo.X and Culture, as well as longtime Joeboy collaborator BeatsByKO, who has worked with the singer since his 2019 debut EP, Love and Light

The Culture-produced “24/7” is an upbeat track with a nihilistic undercurrent. “‘24/7” celebrates the idea of living for the moment, because life is too short to do otherwise,” Joeboy says. “We need to be intentional about being positive. There will always be problems, but we need to always find a reason to celebrate and be conscious of our happiness.”

Body, Soul & Spirit EP Tracklist

1. Only God Can Save Me (Produced by Debo.X)
2. 24/7 (Produced by Culture)
3. Telephone (Produced by Debo.X)
4. Enemy (Produced by BeatsByKO) 
5. Surviving (Produced by Debo.X)

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