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Wendy Shay escapes death after truck slammed into her car in Accra

Wendy Shay accident

Ghanaian musician, Wendy Shay, was reportedly involved in a car accident on the night of Saturday, September 9, 2023. The incident occurred on the ACP Estate and Kwabenya stretch in Accra.

According to an eyewitness who recounted the accident, the incident transpired shortly after midnight in an area known for clear roads and high-speed traffic, despite police presence.

The eyewitness described the scene, saying, “Between the ACP Junction and the Kwabenya stretch, you know the road is usually clear at night, and so the cars are usually at top speed, even though there is police presence on the road. A short distance away from the KNUST Accra Campus Junction, coming out of the valley, I saw people gathered around a car. So, I decided to park and see what was happening. Upon checking, I realized a lady was coming out of a car. She had dreadlocked hair just like Wendy Shay.”

According to the eyewitness at the scene, the accident involving Wendy Shay occurred when her vehicle collided with a tipper truck carrying a load of sand. The tipper truck was positioned facing Wendy Shay’s direction when she attempted to evade it.

The eyewitness noted a crucial detail that likely prevented more severe consequences: “Had it not been for the gutter by the road into which part of her car skidded, Wendy Shay’s Wrangler would have toppled over.”

Concerned for the well-being of the individuals involved, the eyewitness approached the scene and identified Wendy Shay as the person emerging from the car. The vehicle, a Wrangler, displayed a custom registration plate, “Shay.”

Wendy Shay informed the eyewitness that she was unable to provide many details about the incident due to severe head pain, resulting from hitting her head on the dashboard during the accident.

Deputy News Editor of Accra-based UTV, Prince Obimpeh, later shared these details during a live interview on United ShowBiz.

In light of the accident, efforts are underway to transport the artist, who is affiliated with Ruff Town Records, to a nearby healthcare facility for the necessary medical attention as of last night.

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