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Haeven enters a new ‘Era’ on February 2


Musician Haeven is poised to make a comeback from her hiatus as a recording artist, bringing with her a new single that symbolizes a revitalized spirit forged from her resilience.

The upcoming track is set to hit the airwaves on Thursday, February 2, 2024.

In this emotionally charged alternative R&B piece appropriately named “ERA,” the young and dynamic performer opens up, revealing her innermost self and embracing a new phase of her life.

Produced by 2shuus, with additional production by Insvne Auggie, Era carries a dark undertone that encapsulates the trials and tribulations Haeven has faced in recent years.

This song signifies Haeven’s initial step in unburdening herself.

Era appears to be the prelude to something exceptionally beautiful that we are all about to witness from this emerging star.

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