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Facebook and Instagram users logged out in global glitch

Facebook logged out

Meta-owned platforms, notably Facebook, Instagram, and Threads, are currently grappling with technical difficulties, causing accessibility issues for numerous users on Tuesday.

The outage has significantly disrupted functionalities across these popular social media platforms.

Login Troubles and Feed Refresh Challenges

Users have encountered a range of issues, including being unexpectedly logged out of their Facebook accounts, leading to difficulties in logging back in. Similarly, Instagram users have reported struggles in refreshing their feeds, experiencing failures in loading stories and comments.

Additionally, Threads, a messaging app developed by Meta, has faced a complete shutdown, presenting users with an error message upon attempting to launch the application.

Sharp Increase in User Reports

Complaints on DownDetector, a website dedicated to tracking internet service outages, have surged dramatically for all three platforms in the wake of the technical glitches. Despite the widespread user reports and disruptions, Meta has not yet issued an official acknowledgment of the problem.

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