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Artistic comeback: Adomaa returns stronger after overcoming depression


In a heartwarming tale of perseverance and triumph, Adomaa has overcome her struggles with depression and is now thriving both personally and professionally.

Adomaa who had been grappling with depression for a couple of years back despite her success in the industry at the early stage of her musical career found it increasingly difficult to manage her mental health and maintain a work-life balance.

According to the Dede star, there was too much pressure for her to contain after she broke through to stardom status.

“I wasn’t prepared, at no point in my life did I think this was something I was going to do so it was suddenly thrown at me and there are all these demands, your life has to change from someone so low-key that I take “trɔtrɔ” now I can’t take it anymore, it felt a lot. This is the pedestal people have put on me and I didn’t want to disappoint people or fail, all those were serious mental and emotional thermal”.

I had suicidal thoughts… “The funny thing is in that period, I’ve never been depressed before so I didn’t know what to say, to say ‘ooh I am depressed’ I didn’t know. All I knew was my energy was down, I wasn’t eating and wanted to be alone and shut out of the world. For like two weeks I hadn’t left my room”

“I wanted to come out to say it that am done but my team at the time didn’t let me do that,” Adomaa recounted in an interview on 3 Music TV.

Adomaa who underwent several rounds of therapy over the course of a few years with the help of her therapist was able to identify the root causes of her depression and develop effective coping mechanisms. It was a challenging process that required a lot of introspection and hard work, but she persevered and learned to prioritize her mental health and make self-care a priority.

Adomaa found that her creativity and passion for her work began to return as well and starres in the ‘Dede movie series’ and her performances became more energetic and engaging. Her family, crew members, director, producer and fans noticed the change and responded with overwhelming support and love for her.

Adomaa who is in a much better place mentally and emotionally is very excited and continuing to screen her documentary and a short film based on her just-released EP, Becoming Adomaa, talking about the struggles she went through in her private life and music, she is also more confident and happy than she has been in years. Her next screening is on the 30th of April. She’s also been nominated in the Best Female Vocal Performance category for this year’s VGMA.

Her story is a powerful reminder that recovery is possible and that seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness.

By: Samson Abeiku Sankofi

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