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Michael B. Jordan may visit Ghana soon – Here’s why

Michael B. Jordan to visit Ghana

Popular American actor, Michael B. Jordan has tipped Ghana as a place that he may be visiting sometime.

According to him, he has many stories about the spirit of freedom and respectfulness associated with the West African country.

He indicated that it is a place that his dad frequents often.

Speaking on the Jay Shetty Podcast, the 37-year-old had just recounted a very genuine feeling of belonging and calm respect received when he visited Japan.

“They are so loving and welcoming in a really big way. For me, going there, there’s not a million phones being out… everybody is very respectful of our space,’ he said.

The Creed II protagonist indicated that these are values that he has heard is in abundance in Ghana for which reason he still habours the will to visit.

“Another place that I can’t wait to really go is Ghana. My dad has been spending a lot of time there. For whatever reason, every time that I am trying to go, something that I cannot change pops up.

In the conversation monitored by TheCultureJoint he added that “that is another place that people tell me stories of a similar feeling of going and the love and affinity of being in another place.”

However, it remains on his list of places to be for its much-touted brotherliness, serenity and hospitality.

He said this on a podcast with Jay Shetty monitored by TheCultureJoint a week ago.

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