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Rie Osei announces new single, ‘Wan Wa’

Rie Osei

After a long hiatus, alté artiste Rie Osei has blessed the streets with a new anthem.

Rie entered the scene with soulful melodies and recurring themes of affirmation, love, and self-discovery. “WAN WA” is no different.

The catchy hook “I cannot convince you I’m the one” acts as a mantra. Rather than seeking validation, she pivots to a point of self-assurance.

“ ‘Ɛbɛ ye wo wan wa’ is an Akan phrase that loosely translates to ‘it will shock you’,” Rie says this single came to her as a blessing at a time where she needed direction.

With so many avenues, it is tough to find which path would lead to success. She struggled with going with her gut or what she thought would appease her fan’s hunger for new music. Rather than rushing, she took time away to make sure the next step would be the right one.

Rie Osei says she had shelved many other songs and nearly settled until she came across the alternative producer, Sketchy, and Rie fell instantly in love. “The bass guitar intro immediately draws you in…I was like wait– then I started freestyling and playing around.”

She starts the track by saying “Open me, I’m at the door” almost like a cue to the industry that she’s here and needs to be let in. Throughout the verse, Rie metaphorically has a conversation about all the things she has done to deserve more.

Rather than let frustration overwhelm her, she inadvertently ends the conversation and tells the theoretical person that she can no longer convince them of her star power.

The song acts as a love letter to the entertainment industry. Her lover carried her, but also has the power to lock her out. It’s a cultural mantra for the ones who feel overlooked, slighted, or forgotten. It’s a breakthrough song for anyone looking for peer approval, and that true validation comes from within.

The song is set to hit all DSPs Thursday, May 23rd just in time for the summer wave.

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