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A celebration of Ghanaian women in art

Ghanaian women in art

In a community where men dominate, women have had to do twice the work to get the level of recognition they deserve, even when most of them, put out better work or invest more in what they have to do.

While the art community continues to grow, there seems to be more focus on male artists than on women, who are behind some of the most brilliant and best art pieces we see around.

However, these women, are mentioned less in conversations about artists in the country. 

As such, we at The Culture Joint took it upon ourselves to amplify the works of Ghanaian women in art while giving them a platform to spotlight them and their work. 

Following our previous piece that covered some Ghanaian women in art, we return with another piece of coverage of more Ghanaian women in art. 

As such, we have compiled a list of some female artists you should know and support. As you go through this list,  follow their pages, support their works, attend their shows, and most importantly, patronize their services.

A Morganite

Jesuis Jemima

Art By Akpene

Korkor Gavi

El Carna Studios


Ms Kuks


AJ Draws

Araba Opoku

Written by Nana Kojo Mula

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