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99 PHACES’ listening party for debut EP ‘So We Made A Tape’ was magical


Vibrate Space on March 18, 2023, hosted the EP Listening Party of the fast-rising Ghanaian creative collective 99 PHACES.

For a group that is still building its name, the event was one for the books as about 200 people were present to celebrate the outdooring of ‘So We Made A Tape’.

The multi-talented group of artistes, producers, and fashion designers released their debut music project a day before their listening party.

As part of their mission to foster a buzzing creative community, the collective partnered with Menscook, Jameson, 3Music, Guide Radio, GCR’s Sincerely Accra Podcast, and Vibrate Space to make this possible.

The event brought their fans, friends, fellow artistes, and industry players together to have vulnerable conversations and to network over good food and drinks.

Witnessing such a diverse group of people having fun and bonding over the creative endeavours they love was quite a fulfilling sight. 99 PHACES values inclusivity and diversity, thus the quality of the people in terms of the difference in backgrounds and statuses was important for this event. As a testament to the collective’s eclectic community, this objective was met that evening.

To say that the event was a success would be an understatement.

For quite a young collective, 99 PHACES quite outdid what most people expected. A standard has indeed been set and hopefully, it would be seen as something that other emerging acts can view as doable rather than it being an insurmountable task.

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