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The Harley Street Boys Unveils Sensational Single Celebrating Body Positivity and Empowerment: “DJIBOUTI (AKPE TSOR)”


Daring to challenge societal norms and celebrate diverse beauty, [HSB] is set to release their latest track, “DJIBOUTI (AKPE TSOR.)” This empowering anthem, infused with infectious beats and captivating lyrics, aims to break down barriers and celebrate the natural beauty found in every body type, specifically highlighting the confidence and allure of a woman’s large backside especially enamored with the subject’s physical attributes that are particularly outstanding.

After building overwhelming anticipation and delivering a number one hit EP, Dunmli Vol 001–The Harley Street Boys are yet to release their highly anticipated sophomore full-length EP- DUNMLI Vol 002;
DJIBOUTI (AKPE TSOR), a single off the EP will debut on Wednesday 14/06/2023 via record label HYPERSPACE RECORDINGS.

Driven by their desire to promote inclusivity, [HSB] delivers a powerful performance in “DJIBOUTI (AKPE TSOR),” combining their signature sound with thought-provoking lyrics. This electrifying blend of pop, hip-hop, and drill creates an irresistible fusion that invites audiences of all backgrounds to dance, sing along, and join the movement of body positivity.

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