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Ghanaian YouTubers you should check out

Art has been one of the pillars that strongly holds societies, institutions, and people together.

Art has been used to educate, influence, and entertain for decades. Over the years, access to various forms of art has become easier through technology.

The application has not only made it easy for people to access creative materials, but it has also created platforms for people to share their art with millions across the world.

While others share their art on these platforms, others have also taken advantage of the availability of these platforms to educate, entertain, or inform people about several things beyond art.

One platform that has seen significant growth in users is YouTube. Founded in 2005, the platform has created an environment where people can derive information, education, entertainment, pleasure, and other employment.

The platform’s evolution over the years has given users diverse tools to share their works of art and information while making money. With a wide range of content available to users all over the world, the platform has become one of the most popular platforms in the world today.

The growing consumer base of the platform has motivated individuals with access to phones, cameras, and the internet to put their content on the platform and, in the long run, make some good money. Music, movies, Tech, News, Games, Food, and travel are a few content areas you will find on the platform.

With lots of accounts and content in your face, it sometimes becomes difficult to find something relatable to watch.

As such, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite YouTube content creators in Ghana that you can watch, subscribe to, and follow on the platform.

These people create a variety of content, which ranges from lifestyle, health, travel, sports, food, music, news, and other exciting content.

Audrey Obuobisa Darko

The Ghanaian Vegan

Lyrical Wars 


Emotion Kontrolla

Awota Spring 

Auntie Asheley 

Campus With SharkBoy

Gisela Amponsah

Code Mickey 

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