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SLO & Jay Barns go “Commando” on new single


Commando is the latest single by UK-based Ghanaian artist SLO featuring Jay Barns released on Friday June 16th, 2023.

Derived from the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger movie “Commando”, the record is so titled to communicate how both artists have managed to rise above challenges thrown against them in personal battles they’ve faced.

SLO keeps it “cheesing” on the self-produced Afrobeat track opening with a pre-chorus about the defiance of his struggles.

Jay Barns also reveals his determination to better himself and make his mama proud, putting it all on “Jah” to see him through.

Mixed and Mastered by SLO, the 3-minute single allowed the collaborating artists to air their grievances, raising the commando to encourage their listeners to fight through their hardships in Life.

“Commando” by SLO featuring Jay Barns is out on all streaming platforms on Friday, June 16th, 2023 Stream via the link below

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