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Rewind to Lewis Capaldi’s performance at Glastonbury 2023: A battle with voice issues and a candid moment

Lewis Capaldi returned to the stage at Glastonbury 2023 festival, delighting fans who had eagerly awaited his appearance.

The Scottish singer had shared concerns about his health earlier in the month, revealing his struggles both mentally and physically, which led to the cancellation of several gigs in preparation for his Glastonbury performance on June 24.

Capaldi, known for his chart-topping album “Broken by Desire to Be Heavenly Sent,” took to Glastonbury’s Pyramid stage to the cheers of his devoted fans. Opening with “Forget Me,” he entertained the crowd with his signature style. During his set, a flight of Red Arrow planes flew overhead, prompting Capaldi to humorously question if such flyovers were a regular occurrence.

As the performance continued, Capaldi’s voice began to falter, and he admitted to the audience that he was losing his voice. Nevertheless, he was determined to persevere and asked the crowd to sing along loudly. The audience responded with enthusiasm, chanting his name in support.

Throughout his set, Capaldi’s vocal struggles persisted, and he remained mostly silent during “Someone You Loved.” However, his band continued to play, and the audience joined in to lend their voices in his place. Despite his dejection, Capaldi thanked the crowd for their support and expressed gratitude for their understanding.

The singer revealed that he may need to take additional time away from the public eye to rest and recuperate. Reflecting on his recent three-week break for his mental health, Capaldi admitted his fear but appreciated the warm reception from the Glastonbury audience.

Capaldi has been open about his battles with anxiety and the challenges that come with fame. He has candidly discussed his diagnosis of Tourette’s Syndrome in 2022 and has been featured in a Netflix documentary, “How I’m Feeling Now,” where he shares insights into his mental health struggles.

As the set concluded, Capaldi expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to perform at Glastonbury and shared his dreams of pursuing a successful music career. He acknowledged the possibility of taking another break but assured his fans that he would return when the time was right.

Capaldi’s Glastonbury performance showcased his resilience and the unwavering support of his devoted fanbase, solidifying his status as a beloved artist in the music industry.

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