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Paapa Versa releases fun and scenic music video for ‘Okada’


On September 15, Paapa Versa unveiled a mesmerizing music video for his song “Okada.” The track is part of his latest album, “Versa Villa,” which consists of ten songs and was released earlier this year. Ghanaian music icon E.L also features in “Okada,” adding to the excitement around the release.

Award-winning international filmmaker Joseph Akwasi directed the video, shot amidst the breathtaking views of the Aburi highlands. The video focuses on the lush green foliage, making it visually stunning and creative.

The video starts with a monologue that cleverly references Paapa’s 2014 hit “Write for Me” by using a clip of a young Paapa with “Write for Me” playing in the background. The video concludes similarly, with a fascinating visual illusion created by clips of young and current Paapa constantly interchanging.

Paapa showcases his musical prowess by playing various instruments, including an acoustic guitar, midi, and a synthesizer, in numerous scenes throughout the video. Ghanaian actress and singer Adomaa plays his love interest as they travel through Aburi, and featured artist E.L also makes a fun appearance in the video.

Jerry One spices up the video with entertaining choreography as the dancers gyrate against the splendid scenery.

“Okada” is an upbeat song with Ghanaian drums and a mellow tempo.

Its creative lyrics communicate a deep affection for someone and a willingness to go through thick and thin together.

In a triple entendre, the lyrics also artfully compare his love for music to loving a woman while using words that describe traveling.

Produced by Paapa and Drvmroll, the Afrobeat song mixes jazz and pop elements in parts of the song, showcasing Paapa Versa’s musical prowess. His emotionally rich vocals serve as the cherry on top.

About Paapa Versa

Born Edwin Paapa hMensa, Paapa Versa is a versatile Ghanaian producer, singer-songwriter, rapper, and podcaster. He has received much attention and respect for his empathetic and broad musical style since his debut. The lead single, “Write for Me,” off his sophomore album Songs for Kukua, received massive airplay and critical acclaim, locally and internationally.

In 2021, he changed his stage name from Paapa to Paapa Versa, with the Versa as an abbreviation of versatile.

As a gifted multi-instrumentalist, Paapa can play most instruments but is well-versed in the piano, drum kit, ukulele, bass, electric guitars, and percussion instruments.

His genre-bending music is often labeled as eclectic, insightful, uplifting, and more. Paapa’s greatest wish is to inspire people everywhere to utilize their gifts and follow their dreams.

Watch the music video here:

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