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NYA’s EP ‘Euphoria – Vol. III: Noir Tales’ marks emotional climax to Euphoria Trilogy 

NYA, the rising star known for her soulful sound and powerful storytelling, captivates music lovers worldwide with her latest musical creation, “Euphoria – Vol. III: Noir Tales.”

This finale features four standout tracks, including the lead single “Good Days,” along with “Ride,” “Devil (ROA),” and “Survival.”

“Good Days,” the EP’s first release, is a remarkable fusion of Afro rhythms and R&B soul melodies into an uplifting and authentic vibe. With heartfelt lyrics, NYA shares her personal triumph over adversity, inspiring listeners to persevere through life’s challenges and embrace the promise of brighter days.

“Ride” is a befitting soundtrack to her liberation, and is nicely done over a seamless mix of Afrobeat, Afrofusion, Alte, and R&B. The song reflects NYA’s own journey of self-discovery and growth, touching on the concept of facing inner demons and breaking through limitations.

With “Devi(ROA)” and “Survival,” NYA explores darker and introspective themes over smooth and spacious instrumentals, detailing the turmoil she healed from and what caused it in the first place. 

The EP’s tracks collectively create an enchanting and musical experience that invites listeners to connect on a deeper level as she channels a renewed vulnerability into all four songs. NYA’s artistry shines throughout Vol.III with her infectious aura, exceptional musicality, and genuine bond with her audience. This EP is a testament to NYA’s growth as an artist and her dedication to delivering authentic and charming sounds.

 “Euphoria – Vol. III: Noir Tales” available now on all digital stores

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