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MOFFY ends the year on a high note with latest single ‘JOO’


Ghanaian artist, MOFFY, has concluded the year on a high note with the release of his latest single titled ‘JOO.’

Translated from the Ga language, ‘JOO’ means ‘dance’ in English. This vibrant track seamlessly blends Afropop with Ghanaian Jama-inspired sounds, making it a fitting addition to the festive December jams that music enthusiasts eagerly await each year.

Produced by the talented Insvne Auggie, with additional highlife guitar chords by Mēl the producer, “JOO” invites listeners on a joyful musical journey filled with praise and admiration for love.

MOFFY’s lyrics, sung in both English and the melodious Ga language, are a heartfelt dedication to a special someone who has captured his heart. The song is a charming expression of love set to a captivating beat, ensuring it will have you grooving along effortlessly.

Renowned for his previous hit, ‘Sweet Feeling,’ MOFFY is a key member of the emerging collective, 99 PHACES, currently making waves in Ghana. “JOO” not only showcases MOFFY’s musical prowess but also demonstrates his ability to craft tunes that resonate deeply with listeners.

Beyond being a catchy tune, it stands as a melodic masterpiece ready to hit the airwaves and get your feet tapping.

MOFFY’s musical repertoire revolves around celebrating love and life. His gentle and authentic approach to expressing love shines through in his music, and “JOO” perfectly encapsulates these themes.

As the year draws to a close, MOFFY’s ‘JOO’ is poised to leave a lasting imprint on the music scene, capturing the hearts of fans and establishing itself as a must-listen track.

Stream “JOO” HERE.              

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