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Court rules Ed Sheeran didn’t steal from Marvin Gaye for ‘Thinking Out Loud’ song

Ed Sheeran

A court in the US has cleared Ed Sheeran of copyright infringement in relation to his 2014 hit song Thinking Out Loud.

The British singer-songwriter had denied any claims that he had borrowed elements from Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get It On, a claim brought forward by the heirs of Gaye’s co-writer.

Sheeran had expressed that if he was found guilty, he would give up his music career, though this was thankfully not necessary. Warner Music Group and Sony Music Publishing were also cleared of any wrongdoing.

The ruling brings closure to the case, allowing Sheeran to continue to make music for his fans around the world.

When asked about the toll the trial at Manhattan federal court was taking on him, he revealed that “If that happens, I’m done, I’m stopping.”

Sheeran reportedly stood up and hugged his team after jurors ruled that he “independently” created his song.

At the civil trial, Ed Sheeran performed and strummed parts of his hit song “Thinking Out Loud” on the guitar.

His lawyer Ilene Farkas noted to the jury that the chords and beats in the tune resembled those in the song that was being disputed. She remarked that these components were “the letters of the alphabet of music”, and that songwriters must be allowed to use them freely, or else all music lovers will suffer.

Sheeran stated that he had written the song in England with his friend Amy Wadge, and had been motivated by his grandparents and a budding romantic relationship.

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