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Mifa Grey discusses gatekeeping, living in Kumasi and being a ‘Hard Girl’


Relatively new in the Ghanaian music industry, Mifa Grey is still in her first year as a professional musician. Seen by many as a teenager, thanks to her incredible young looks, the 20-year-old trained nurse, aims to make music her main profession. 

She describes herself as a cocktail of sounds but her top two go-to sounds are Afrobeats and RnB. She is blessed with amazing vocals and is tipped by fans as one to watch out for. 

She is currently based in the musical city of Kumasi; a city known for mostly its rappers rather than singers. It was the capital of Hiplife and is currently the center of the Ghanaian drill wave popularly referred to as Asakaa.

Mifa isn’t really bothered as she is a ‘hard girl’ as the title of her new song implies.

We had a sit down with Mifa Grey to understand who she is, her goals and also delve into her new single. 

How would you describe yourself?

A Musical Artist (singer and a writer) who seeks to create sound with a touch of Afrobeat and RnB in my own unique way 

What drives you to create music?

I am driven by Passion, love and Situations when making music. 

What type of music do you make?

Afrobeat, RnB but very dynamic to adapt to other genres 

How is the music scene in Kumasi?

Kumasi loves trap sounds and as an Afrobeat and RnB Artist it feels lonely on the path but I’m confident of making my city proud one day. 

What are some of the challenges you face?

Many, but I’ll mention just one. Getting the right people readily available for work and as a female artiste the gate is always shut on ladies as far as the gatekeepers are concerned.

You have a new song out Hard Girl, tell us the story behind it?

I created this content imagining how it would be for a hard girls first time falling in love

What should we expect from you in the coming years?

Great songs and a Surprising body of works.

Listed to her sing ‘Hard Gilrl’ HERE.

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