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‘I’ll express myself the way I want to’ – E.L lays it all bare in new documentary ahead of comeback


Ghanaian musician E.L has things to get off his chest.

This may be his way of clearing the path ahead of the 33-year-old’s big comeback.

Elorm Adablah, as he is known outside music circles is a man of a few words, unless he’s in the booth.

However, a surprise documentary on Wednesday, April 12 has left fans wondering what the new E.L will bring to the scene.

In the 7-minute piece, he admits that the break was much-needed and is returning with a clear direction, and will not compromise nor ‘betray’ himself.

“I’m just going to express myself the way I want to express myself so just don’t expect the same old E.L, he’s dead and gone.”

Watch the full video below:

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