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Mental health meets art at ‘Voices in My Head’ in Accra


Issues concerning mental health are mostly relegated to the background across cultures.

This is likely constantly due to the stigma associated not only with the topic, but also with people who have in one way or another been through harsh experiences involving people with mental disorders.

Recent efforts by individuals and groups in society to help increase awareness of mental health have proven to be quite a herculean task.

In view of this, Abysmal Productions has joined the fight to help address issues concerning mental health in the country.

As a production house, Abysmal Productions aims to use the languages of art, drama, and music to educate the populace on the need to take issues concerning mental health seriously and also use the medium to suggest solutions to help curb the growing menace.

The theme for this year’s project, as highlighted, is “Voices in My Head”. The project commenced on April 29, 2023 with a successful premiere of an open market and art exhibition at the Untamed Event Center in Spintex.

It saw some mesmerizing works from artists such as Viola, Justice, Effuasei, Becomoves, Ananse, and Andrea. The works of these fine artists left the audience in awe as each artwork left an indelible story of mental struggle and wishful thoughts that most of the individuals present or absent would have been silent about.

As if each stroke of the paintbrush on the canvas came from an abode of personal experiences.

For the open market, vendors such as Mcjason, RMJ, Vegan Pot, Bridgevent, and Zeus de Masseuse graced the occasion with varieties of food, drinks, and other wares.

Furthermore, there was an intensive and insightful talk on depression in men by Dr. Johnny Andoh-Arthur.

Drama Queens also supported with a talk on sexual consent, getting to the latter part of the program.

The program for the day came to a close with music, dance (TRYBR 1 and Performing Arts Intercessors), and the promise of a stage play to be held later at the National Theater in July of this year.

Written by: Bernard Akrong

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