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Indian actor Prakash Raj faces backlash following controversial tweet


Prominent Indian actor Prakash Raj has found himself at the center of a social media storm, albeit for the wrong reasons.

A tweet he posted regarding Chandrayaan-3’s moon landing attempt triggered a flurry of criticism and even calls for his arrest.

Despite his subsequent clarification that the post was intended as a joke, netizens remain fervently displeased.

The tweet in question, related to Chandrayaan-3’s lunar landing, sparked a strong negative reaction from social media users. The outrage was significant enough to prompt two official complaints against Prakash Raj.

One complaint was registered by Sangh Parivar Sympathiser SB Gayakwad in Bagalkot district, while another complaint was sent via email to the governor by Pramod N from Shimoga.

The trending hashtag, ‘Arrest Prakash Raj’, gained traction on various social media platforms, reflecting the intensity of public sentiment. Critics were quick to express their views, with one user claiming that Prakash Raj had ridiculed India’s Chandrayaan-3 mission.

Another social media comment highlighted a perceived betrayal, stating, “We used to think that Prakashraj plays a traitor only in movies, but betrayal is in his blood…!! You may have a constitutional right to oppose the government, but opposition to the country is not acceptable at all. #ArrestPrakashRaj”.

Despite the backlash and trending hashtag, Prakash Raj defended himself by clarifying that his initial tweet was meant as a joke. Nevertheless, the online uproar continues, underscoring the fervent emotions stirred by his social media post.

The incident serves as an illustration of how quickly social media can magnify controversy, especially when involving public figures like Prakash Raj. As the situation unfolds, it remains to be seen how the actor’s clarification will impact the ongoing discourse surrounding his tweet.

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