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Harley Street Boys deliver new tape: DUNMLI Vol. 002

DUNMLI VOL. 002 is a captivating Asakaa inspired music tape by Hiplife group Harley Street Boys that explores the theme of achieving success while navigating the challenges and uncertainties of life.

The tape’s artistic intention is to inspire and empower listeners by embracing the beauty of resilience and personal growth in the face of adversity. The album takes listeners on a transformative journey, using a unique blend of musical genres, insightful lyrics, and compelling melodies.The six track tape unveils a different aspect of the human experience, reflecting the complexities and triumphs of life’s journey.

From the opening notes, the music tape sets a captivating atmosphere that symbolizes the darkness we often encounter on our path to success. The tracks are imbued with introspective lyrics that acknowledge the difficulties and setbacks one may encounter along the way. They explore the internal struggles, self-doubt, and external obstacles that can cast shadows upon our aspirations.

However, amidst the darkness, the music tape weaves a tapestry of hope, resilience, and determination. It encourages listeners to find strength within themselves, to trust their instincts, and to persevere when faced with uncertainty. The melodies soar, building a sense of empowerment and a reminder that success is attainable even when the path seems obscure.

Throughout the tape, the artists skillfully balance introspection with moments of triumph and celebration. The lyrics delve into personal stories of overcoming adversity, sharing powerful anecdotes that resonate with listeners on a profound level. The music tape not only offers solace to those who may be struggling but also provides a guiding light for navigating through life’s challenges.

With its rich tapestry of emotions and captivating soundscapes, “DUNMLI VOL 002” captivates listeners and leaves them with a renewed sense of purpose and inspiration. It serves as a reminder that success is not defined solely by external achievements but by the strength, resilience, and wisdom gained from the journey itself.

The tape was produced and recorded in HYPERSPACE RECORDING STUDIOS.

Track list


The tape starts off with a question wondering what the term Dunmli signifies. Dunmli is a Ga Word which generally means Darkness and the idea is to take the listeners on a profound exploration of the multifaceted nature. Rather than portraying darkness as something to be feared or avoided, the music tape invites listeners to embrace it as an integral part of life’s journey.


From the opening notes, the song sets a contemplative tone, creating a musical landscape that reflects the essence of darkness.The lyrics of “DUNMLI SONG” evoke a sense of vulnerability and raw emotion, touching upon themes of loneliness, pain, and internal struggles. The song delves into the shadows that linger within us, addressing the depths of our fears and the challenges we face when confronting our inner demons.


Daring to challenge societal norms and celebrate diverse beauty, [HSB] is set to release their latest track, “Djibouti Akpe tsor.” This empowering anthem, infused with infectious beats and captivating lyrics, aims to break down barriers and celebrate the natural beauty found in every body type, specifically highlighting the confidence and allure of a woman’s large backside especially enamored with the subject’s physical attributes that are particularly outstanding.


The song delicately navigates the delicate balance between love and toxicity, addressing the pain and confusion that can arise when trying to break free from the familiar yet harmful patterns. It highlights the internal struggle of recognizing and acknowledging the impact of these influences while also yearning for them.

This song offers solace and a sense of camaraderie to those who have experienced the struggle of breaking free from toxic patterns instilled by loved ones. It reminds listeners that they have the strength to overcome and transcend these influences, paving the way for healthier relationships and a more fulfilling life. “OBAAGBEMI ” is an impactful and empowering anthem for anyone seeking to break free from the unhealthy habits bred by the influence of loved ones.


The song titled “TOO SAUCY” is a captivating composition that celebrates the inherent potential and transformative nature of one’s creativity while navigating through the darkness. Through evocative lyrics and a dynamic musical arrangement, the song explores the depths of personal exploration, resilience, and the profound power of artistic expression.This song is an anthem for anyone who seeks to harness their artistic potential and navigate through challenging times.


“KUNTU” celebrates the beauty of shared vulnerability and growth within a relationship. It invites listeners to reflect on the power of trust, understanding, and mutual support in navigating the depths of their own personal journeys. The song serves as a reminder that by embracing the darkness together, couples can forge a deeper connection, fostering growth and self-discovery in each other. The shared blanket represents a symbol of trust, safety, and the emotional support they provide for one another as they navigate the complexities of self-exploration.

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