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Why is ‘Take Care of Yourself, Blacko’ trending? Black Sherif rumoured to be up to something

A shot from Black Sherif's 'Oil In My Head' video

Ghanaian musician Black Sherif has sent the internet buzzing with speculation as the cryptic phrase “take care of yourself Blacko” trends across social media platforms.

As fans and followers try to decipher the hidden meaning behind these words, it’s becoming increasingly evident that the artist might be gearing up for a new project.

Black Sherif performing at University of Ghana on July 22, 2023

The flurry of excitement began in the early hours of Monday, as the mysterious phrase found its way into the timelines of numerous influential individuals within Ghana’s music scene. With Black Sherif’s track record of delivering chart-topping hits and capturing the attention of a global audience, any move by the artist instantly becomes a topic of discussion.

This speculation gains even more traction when considering the timing. It has been two months since the artist announced the “KK Pack EP” at the VGMA awards.

However, despite the initial anticipation, the EP did not drop in June, leaving fans eager for fresh content.

As fans and music enthusiasts dissect the cryptic messaging, speculation abounds about what form this new project might take.

Could it be a single, an EP, or even a full-length album? While details remain scarce, the phrase “take care of yourself” appears to hold a significant clue.

It wouldn’t be far-fetched to imagine that it could play a role in the title of Black Sherif’s forthcoming endeavor.

TheCultureJoint, keeping a finger on the pulse of the music scene, leans towards the notion that this phrase might indeed feature prominently in the title. While this is purely speculative at this point, the timing, the cryptic nature of the messages, and Black Sherif’s track record all point towards an imminent musical release.

As fans eagerly await official news from Black Sherif’s camp, the speculation continues to fuel excitement within the music community. Regardless of what form this project takes, one thing is certain: Black Sherif’s artistry has the power to captivate and enthrall listeners, and his next move is eagerly awaited by fans worldwide.

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