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Ghanaian Women In Art

Women in Art Ghana

Ghana has always been a land rich in all the arts. From music, movies, theater, photography, sculpture, and painting, there are hundreds of individuals who are exhibiting their talents and creativity through each of the art forms mentioned.

However, in this article, we switch our attention to artists who continue to capture our culture, history, and memories on canvas, walls, and murals. Artists have been a critical part of the creative ecosystem.

While some are known for political commentary through their cartoonish drawings, others have cemented their names in history for the paint jobs on several buildings and structures in the country. Over the years, artists have moved from the paint and brush to other means of exhibiting their arts. One of these fast-rising modes of art is digital art.

In recent times, we have seen an increased visibility of various visual, cartoon, mural, and digital artists who are making themselves and the creative community proud in Ghana and beyond.

Just like in other art forms, this community is unfortunately male-dominated, and as such, women are mostly overlooked when conversations about artists arise. Surprisingly, these women are behind some of the beautiful art pieces we see on social media, at events, and in other places.

Thankfully, through the works of several individuals, there has been an increase in people’s interest in art. As such, there have been several art exhibitions, shows, and sales happening in different parts of the country every other week.

In our bid to amplify the works of Ghanaian creatives, we have compiled a list of some female artists you should know. Follow their pages, support their works, attend their shows, and most importantly, patronize their services.

Georgette Aseidu 

The Female Painter 




Art In Nayah


Written by: Nana Kojo Mula

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