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Streetwear brand FREE THE YOUTH collaborates with New York-based Awake NY to create unique T-shirt capsule collection


Ghanaian streetwear brand, FREE THE YOUTH, has announced a collaboration with Awake NY to create a new T-shirt capsule that blends the unique styles of both brands.

The collaboration was announced by FREE THE YOUTH, were Co-founder and Artistic Director, Joey Lit expressed excitement about the opportunity to work with Awake NY, saying, “We are thrilled because we’ve had a relationship with Awake since 2020 so it’s been a long time coming. Also since they are one of the biggest streetwear brands in New York and the US we thought, why not?”

The new line will feature a range of clothing items, with a preceding t-shirt capsule, and will incorporate elements of the two brands’ stories.

Angelo Baque

Angelo Baque, founder of Awake NY who worked for more than 10 years at Supreme expressed his excitement about partnering with FTY on this project; citing the latter’s attention to detail and commitment to quality aligning perfectly with the former’s brand values.

The new line is set to launch on the 8th of April, 2023 at the Homecoming Festival in Lagos, Nigeria. It will be in select retail stores and online later. Fans of both brands are eagerly anticipating the release of this new collaboration, and it is expected to be a huge success.


FREE THE YOUTH is a Ghanaian streetwear brand at the forefront of the African creative and streetwear scene. Since launching in 2015, the brand has grown, establishing its cultural influence throughout Africa, Europe and USA in particular. With cutting edge designs, annual limited edition pieces and international collaborations, the brand has built a strong reputation and loyal community.

About Awake NY: Awake NY is a New York-based clothing brand that is known for capturing the spirit and energy of the city. It was founded by Angelo Baque in 2012 after spending more than 10 years at Supreme. The brand unifies itself with the youth of today while maintaining a blend of contemporary and classic imagery. Since 2012, the brand has grown significantly, now available at some of the most discerning global retailers, including Dover Street Market Global, Patta Amsterdam and London, Union LA and Tokyo, Supply Sydney and Slam Jam Milano amongst others.

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