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Ghana to the Moon is a promising treasure to Ghana’s music festival scene

Ghana to the Moon

Free Inspiration Reaching Everyone (F.I.R.E.), is steadily setting a pace in event organising, bringing something entirely new to the fore, and we’re for it.

Amidst the myriad of concerts throughout December of 2023, shows mostly headlined by household names in the local music industry, the US-based events and philanthropic organisation offered a platform for relatively unknown and upcoming talents in Ghana and the diaspora.

Ghana to the Moon Festival/Concert was held on December 16 at Bayview Village in Accra as part of a month-long campaign to celebrate heritage, arts and community through uniting Ghanaians, the Black Diaspora, and Caribbean culture to foster diversity amongst the youth.

The event also served as the concluding reception of the Ghana to the Moon Business and Technology Conference, which took place from December 14th to 16th at the Accra World Trade Center.

If we could sum up the experience at the Ghana to the Moon Festival in one word it would have to be – variety. The event was one of the very few that afforded fans, attendees and participants the opportunity to check out a diverse range of acts in a short period of time. It’s one that leaves an indelible mark on the memory – for its variety, yes, but also for its top-notch execution.

The concert opened with a groovy, smooth-sounding performance from Nkyinkyim Band, whose delivery set the tone for a full night of uninterrupted excitement. Music and Dance collided in a mesmerizing symphony of sound and visual when dance group The Creative Team offered voluntary stage dance services to other musicians on the bill, even after their allotted time was exhausted. And judging by the number of audience who cheered them on, screaming at the top of their lungs…everyone loved them.

The festival has had 7 years of experience in producing this event, and the occurrences of the night showed. The production value, the execution, the attention to detail—it was all incredible. What was most amazing and frankly endearing was the variety of people who came out for this festival, considering how often A-list artistes organised some concert throughout the month.

Overall, Ghana to the Moon is a promising treasure to the Ghanaian music festival scene. Don’t miss out on them in December this year.

Written By: Kingsley Elikem Doe

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