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Get lost in the soulful rhythm of Gabbytane’s new dancehall track ‘Bad’


Nigerian sensation Gabbytane drops his latest hit ‘Bad,’ a fiery fusion of Dancehall and Soul that’s sure to get you moving. The track marks his debut for 2023 and is now available on all major streaming platforms.

“Bad” features Gabbytane’s smooth vocals and catchy lyrics, set against a backdrop of upbeat rhythms and infectious dancehall melodies.

The song explores themes of love and lust, as Gabbytane sings about the undeniable pull of a love that may not be good for you but feels too right to resist. He ascribes beautiful words to the beauty of his queen who has his world upside down with her irresistible aura. Gabbytane describes her as BAD!

Listen to Bad here:


Gabriel Agwu, popularly known as Gabbytane is well-known for his creative versatility and genre-blending abilities signed to AR Records. He delivers smoothly arranged vocals that will get you moving your body in no time on exceptionally produced beats. Gabbytane’s vocal range and versatile style are showcased across his discography. You should check out his previous releases ‘Aje’, ‘Deja Vu’, and ‘Let me know’. 

Gabbytane’s latest release ‘Bad’ showcases his signature sound with smoothly arranged vocals and exceptional production. Drawing inspiration from reggae culture and sounds, Gabbytane’s unique style is evident throughout the track.

“The music transports me to a party in the early 2000s, as I take to the dance floor with the love of my life, their sensual body movements perfectly sync with the beat. The sound is so captivating and mesmerizing, I can’t help but ask the DJ to repeat the song just for us.” – Miah, Soot Africa.

“Gabbytane’s ‘Bad’ is a love song for the bold, the passionate, and those unafraid to walk the talk. With soulful vocals and a blend of love and lust, the track is a declaration of love that goes beyond just physical attraction. Gabbytane describes what makes his love interest special, highlighting her unique attitude and personality.”-  Nana Kojo Mula, Creative Writer.


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