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From fashion to music – Maddy MazNaz keeps it authentic 

Maddy MazNaz

Previously known as a celebrity stylist, styling some of the top musicians from Ghana, Maddy Maz Naz has evolved into a music brand she didn’t know existed. 

Known as the Fashion pilot during her time as an active stylist, Maddy’s works were all over the place and she was one of the most sought-after fashion personalities in the space.

However, fashion was just her passion, as she revealed that Music is her purpose. 

Blessed with a powerful voice, no one sounds like Maddy Maz Naz. She is unique, and that makes her stand out everywhere she goes.

She is also a genre-bender as she can’t be associated with one particular genre but rather a cocktail of different sounds including Gospel music, R&B, Blues, and Afrobeats. 

She currently has a deal with American label, Bentley Records and has had the chance to rock shoulders with artists like Bow Wow, Gucci Mane, Sean Kingston and more on an album. 

She has a new one out titled Anymore and I had a sit down with her to talk about her career, aspirations and new music. 

How would you describe your personality? 

Creative, intuitive, fun, fearless. 

Why did you move from Fashion to music? 

First of all, music was revealed to me as my actual purpose by God. Fashion has been my passion since I was a kid. I’m understanding that my passion will never vanish. However, my purpose comes first.

Maddy MazNaz

What drives you to create music? 

What drives me to create music is my love of sounds , and singing,  a given Gift from The Holy Spirit. Also,  my love for storytelling and literature. 

How will you describe the type of music you make?

I make music that connects with the soul and makes you feel like dancing and chilling. 

Do you think you are truly appreciated by Ghanaians looking at the type of music you do? 

I do all types of genres and Absolutely! because of my heart and passion for innovation, creativity, And authenticity.

How has it been working with Bentley Records?

Smooth like coconut oil. But a little challenging as I’m based in Accra and my label is based in NYC. 

You have a new song out Anymore, tell us the story behind it.

“ANYMORE  is a glimpse illustration of earthly and spiritual pain and suffering from 2013 merged with pains from 2023. It’s a prayer 

Tapping out from all the events of suffering seeking divine intervention. 

What should music lovers expect from Maddy MazNaz? 

Big mind-blowing shocking unbelievable things only! Like electric, like thunder like fire things only.

By: Yaw Boadu-Ayeboafoh

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