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Elmina talks love and assurance in her new 2-pack

Elmina singer

Following her last release in July of 2023, Nigerian songstress Elmina kicks off 2024 with new music.

Regarded as an exceptional writer with a soft vocal touch, Elmina combines her musical influences across multiple genres R&B, Pop and Soul which she laces with afrobeats music from Nigeria to produce her music. 

The release is a two-pack consisting of Desire and DBL. The songs run on the theme of love, lust and assurance.

Elmina’s ability to embody the emotions she sings about in her songs is her strongest attribute as an artist and she does so effortlessly in this release.

On “Desire,” Elmina is explicit about her intentions towards her love interest. With the underlying bass strings and chords, the afrobeat-produced song sees the singer compliment the flow of the beat with the calmness in her vocals as she expresses how head over heels, she is for this person and states what she wants from them.  “you feed my desire. Loving you is all I want”.

“DBL” is a perfect case of R&B meets Amapiano. The bouncy groove and log drums meet Elmina’s soft flowing vocals.

Unlike the first record, Elmina after making her intentions clear asks her lover to make their intentions clear. In the opening lines of the song she enquires “Over the sea, would you come searching for me? Into the night would you come looking for me?”

She goes on to tell them if they are going to come, they should not be late. She expresses how lonely it gets without them around and only asks that they should quicken their steps as they come. “see I’ve been waiting how long will you take? Too many shots and now I can’t see straight. Just wanna dance with you don’t be too late.”

Love is a beautiful experience which gets even better when the parties involved are not only vocal about their intentions for each other but make it a point to be present for each other when they are needed the most. That is the core of Elmina’s two-pack which is out now on all DSPs.

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