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Covid slowed my plan to build an amusement park in Ghana but I’m back on track – Kobe

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The current state of Efua Sutherland Children’s Park is nothing to write home about.

That is the story of many other parks across the country which were meant to provide children with a place to have recreational activities and improve growth.

It is on the back of this that a Ghanaian entrepreneur is bent on making this his sole mission.

The entrepreneur, born Kwabena Oppong Opoku, is rallying support for the construction of an amusement park in Ghana.

The Tokyo-based Ghanaian says this is key in the scheme of things as it adds to the building blocks of every child’s development.

He earlier hinted at this effort on E-Vibes with JoyNews’ Becky.

But in a subsequent interview on DayBreak Hitz, the businessman revealed that some steps had already been initiated in some quarters but got truncated due to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.

An amusement park

“Four years ago, I was in Ghana for a summit, which went very well. I met a few people, I met the Minister of Tourism during that time. When I came back, that is when Covid started so it kind of slowed the whole operation down,” he told Doreen Avio on Thursday.

According to him, the process will require broad stakeholder input from the government, the private sector and individuals.

This encapsulates the securing of an appropriate space for the design and development of the infrastructure.

“It is a huge project and it takes time, and dedication, you need to get the right people and the right location. You know how it works back home… it takes years to build it so I need to build it up to get it right,” he added.

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