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Charlamagne tha God opens up about what he didn’t like about Ghana


Popular American radio and TV host, Charlamagne tha God, has been speaking about his experience in Ghana during the Christmas holidays.

According to Charlamagne, although he thoroughly enjoyed Ghana his time in Ghana, especially the nightlife, he had some reservations about the quality of service in the country’s hospitality industry.

According to him, his visit with his wife and kids was to specifically see the Door of No Return but the service at some restaurants left a lot to be desired.

Charlamagne said he spent three hours waiting for food at some restaurants but got used to it after a while.

“Let me tell you something about service in Ghana, it is the nicest most terrible service you will ever receive,” Charlamagne said on the Brilliant Idiots comedic podcast with Andrew Schulz.

“The service is terrible but they are so nice about it that you can’t even be mad.”

He further suggested that the poor quality of service could be responsible for some of the country’s economic challenges.

Charlamagne said during his stay in the country, he heard some Ghanaians complain about the poor quality of service and asked for it to be improved.

“Other than that it was an incredible experience and I think that everybody should go, whether you are black or white”.

Incredible place

The Breakfast Club radio host also described Ghana as an incredibly peaceful place with petty theft as the only crime issue. He revealed that his Yeezy slides were stolen but he got them back in 25 minutes.

He also spoke about the similarities between Ghana and his home state of South Carolina in the 1980s, adding that he will be visiting the country again.

Charlamagne also clarified confusion surrounding his ownership of a beachfront property in the country and his wonderful experience at a Ghanaian strip club.


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