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A Melodic Journey through Ghanaian Gen Z’s Hearts

mellow music

In the world of music genres and emotions, there exists a unique space for mellow beats, effortlessly transporting us to tranquility and introspection. Among Gen Z listeners in Ghana, one trend shines brightly—their unwavering love for mellow music. From Lo-Fi and sad melodies to chill vibes and easy-listening anthems, the younger generation has wholeheartedly embraced these soothing sounds to navigate life’s complexities in a fast-paced world.

According to Spotify data, mellow music has become a trusted companion for Gen Z across Africa as they embrace the beauty of vulnerability and emotional depth, whether it’s the introspective lyrics, delicate instrumentation, or soul-stirring vocal performances.

For instance, in Ghana, Tom Odell’s Another Love, a track that delicately weaves a tale of pain and longing, illustrating the struggle to release a love that has faded away is the most listened-to mellow song among Gen Zs, along with Lewis Capaldi’s Someone You Loved, another anthem of heartbreak.

These standout songs, along with the others, offer a diverse range of introspective and expressive experiences. They touch upon universal themes of love, heartbreak, vulnerability, and self-reflection, making them resonate deeply with Gen Zs. Through their relatable lyrics and melodies, these songs provide a refuge for young listeners, offering solace and understanding amidst the complexities of their own personal journeys.

These tracks have found their home in the meticulously curated mellow playlists like Soft Pop Hits, Chill Hits, Soft Life, and Sad Hour among others. These playlists serve as sanctuaries for the wounded hearts seeking solace, reminding them that they are not alone in their struggles

As for the timing of mellow music consumption, the 18-24 age group tend to seek solace in the mellowness of their favourite tunes during two distinctive periods: 10:00 PM, when the world quiets down and the night unfolds; and 12:00 midday, when people seek out moments of calmness and contemplation amidst the busyness of the day.

“Mellow music is a respite from the constant connectivity and information overload of the modern world, offering a space where listeners can find solace, connect with their emotions, and navigate the complexities of life at their own pace” says Phiona Okumu, Spotify’s Head of Music for Africa.

Below is how Ghanaian Gen Zs are consuming mellow music 

Top 10 tracks on mellow playlists among Ghanaian Gen Zs

  1. Another Love, Tom Odell
  2. Someone You Loved, Lewis Capaldi
  3. Lovely, Billie Eilish ft. Khalid
  4. Arcade, Duncan Laurence
  5. Before You Go, Lewis Capaldi
  6. Ben Dover, Yartti
  7. Say You Won’t Let Go, James Arthur
  8. If the World Was Ending, JP Saxe ft. Julia Michaels
  9. Heartbreak Anniversary, Giveon
  10. You broke me first, Tate McRae

Top 5 mellow playlists among Ghanaian Gen Zs

  1. Soft Pop Hits
  2. Chill Hits
  3. Sad Songs
  4. Soft Life
  5. Sad Hour

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