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Waffle House “Avenger” claims she was blacklisted by company following viral chair video

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Few videos in 2022 have had a viral impact that can rival that of the Waffle House brawl, an event that saw the Waffle House “Avenger” deflect a chair while restaurant patrons threw anything they could get their hands on at her.

The woman, named Halie, recorded a 20-minute video telling her side of the story and recounting the events of that evening in detail, giving people an idea of what happened before, during, and after the fight. With an in-depth description of what exactly happened that night, Haile revealed that she’s been blacklisted by Waffle House and “can’t work at Waffle House ever again.”

With quick reaction time and dexterity gained through thousands upon thousands of hours working at Waffle House over her 4-year stay with the company, the Waffle House Avenger managed to deflect a chair thrown at her by a patron.

The pure chaos of the original video clip combined with Halie’s big moment has made her chair parry go viral, with many comparing her level of skill to that of the Avengers and elevating her as a Marvel superhero.

According to Halie, they were very busy that night. She was trying her best to keep up with orders despite being understaffed. Still, due to insufficient resources to keep up with the restaurant at full capacity, a section was closed off to keep things running as smoothly as possible. Halie claims that the people who fought her tried to sit in this closed-off despite being asked not to.

“We tell them, ‘Hey, that section’s closed, if you could wait for a table?’ They’re like, ‘Nah, we’re good. We’ll sit here.’”

Halie says she ignored them and tried focusing on the restaurant’s other customers. After a few minutes, these customers got up and started crowding around the counter. She refused them service, something they didn’t take too well. “I was telling them I was gonna kick ’em out ’cause they were being rude. I ain’t gonna cook your food, you’re being rude to me.”

Things went off the rails when patrons started climbing over the counter and into her kitchen. “We can do anything we can, legally, in our means, whatever means necessary, to remove you or ensure our safety. Whether that means taking one of the cast iron pans and hitting you upside the f**ing head with it or beating the f** out of you when you fall over. If you touch my floor, it’s on.”

This led to the moment that made Halie go viral as the Waffle House Avenger, Waffle House Wendy, The Last Chairbender, and a variety of other nicknames. Enough so that artists started making renditions of the moment and the internet got to work making the best meme edits they could.

Halie recounted the events of the evening, including her chair deflection and some details of the fight. She even revealed that, at one point, she tried to make sure one of the people throwing things at her didn’t lose their wallet.

“I’m looking up after the fight, and I see a wallet. I grab it, and I’m like, ‘Real talk, is this your wallet? Deadass, I don’t want anybody to lose their s***. So I was like, ‘Is this your wallet right here?’ And she was like, ‘Nah’, and then flung another plate at me.”

The Waffle House location had to be closed down for a few hours to handle the police and get the place cleaned up. Halie was reprimanded for throwing a sugar shaker at one of the customers, but she didn’t get fired.

She continued to work at this Waffle House location for a bit before leaving, citing that she felt “uneasy” working there. According to Halie’s retelling, the brawl took place much before the video went viral.

In the video, she said she hadn’t even eaten Waffle House in “around 8 months”, meaning the viral video could have been months old by the time it caught on. She did note, however, that Waffle House is “a great company, they take care of their employees.”

Despite being told she was “always welcome” after leaving that store, Halie discovered that she was blacklisted by the company when trying to apply at another location.

“I can’t ever work for a Waffle House again. I tried working for another one sometime earlier this year, and I had found out that I was blacklisted.” However, she said that it’s possible the original location she worked at may still hire her. Halie made it clear she still loves the company she spent four years working with despite how things ended.


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