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The backstory of Black Sherif’s police incident at Kotoka International Airport in Accra

Credit: Black Sherif via Facebook

Black Sherif, the fast-rising 21-year-old musical sensation, just returned to Accra after a series of triumphant tours abroad.

He had captivated audiences at some of the biggest music festivals across the US and Europe this summer, including AfroNation Portugal, Wireless Festival UK, Couleur Cafe Festival in Belgium, SummerJam Festival in Köln, and Openair Frauenfeld in Switzerland. Notably, he became the first Ghanaian to grace the stage of the prestigious Wireless Festival UK.

This remarkable journey not only showcased Black Sherif’s exceptional musical genius but also reflected his boundless passion and dedication to his craft. His unwavering ambition and captivating charisma have undoubtedly solidified his status as a trailblazer, captivating audiences worldwide and filling his homeland, Ghana, with immense pride.

However, a cloud of controversy overshadowed Black Sherif’s triumphant return when social media users suggested that he had become involved in a questionable incident at Kotoka International Airport. Reports indicated that the Konongo-born singer was purportedly arrested for allegedly taking “thousands of dollars” in what appeared to be an unmentioned transaction.

Speculations ran wild about how such a breakout star could be embroiled in such suspicious dealings at this early stage of his promising career. The incident became the most talked-about topic on Twitter, garnering over 5,000 reactions, concerns, questions, and taunts of ‘gotcha’ moments.

As more details emerged, the situation started to unravel. Sources revealed that the controversy stemmed from an expression of interest by organizers of a certain cruise ship musical performance. The company filed a complaint with the Ghana Police Service, alleging a breach of an agreement they had entered into with Black Sherif’s team.

According to sources, the company had requested to book Black Sherif for the cruise ship performance, and his agents, a leading international company representing artists, athletes, and brands, complied. An initial deposit of $20,000 was made by the complainant to the musician’s agency as part of the $40,000 booking fee. However, the contract did not include a requirement for promotional videos for a press launch, which led to disagreements.

The businessman and organizer of the cruise insisted on receiving promotional videos from Black Sherif, threatening to cancel the contract if they were not submitted, even though the contract reportedly did not mandate such videos. In good faith, the singer’s agents refunded the initial deposit, but the complainant demanded $50,000 instead, causing further tension.

Subsequently, the businessman reported the case to the police, alleging breach of contract and fraud. Upon his arrival from the successful European tour, Black Sherif was stopped at the airport to assist in the investigation.

Those close to the matter now recognize that the issue is not about Black Sherif’s commitment to the event but rather a disagreement between the organizers and the talent agency. Lawyers for Black Sherif are working tirelessly to find an amicable resolution and put this misunderstanding behind the rising star so he can continue to soar in his musical journey.

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