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Paapa Versa releases Official Music Video for “Getting Started”

Paapa Versa 4

Versatile Ghanaian musician Paapa Versa has released the music video for “Getting Started,” a song from his third studio album, Versa Villa.

The video, released on April 28, was shot in Portland, showcasing the city’s beautiful scenery and directed by the Portland-based Graham Dale of MRC Multimedia.

Featuring Paapa Versa and Kenyan-Ugandan actress Modi Raduma-Locke, the music video revolves around two young lovers. It captures them having fun together until the untimely demise of the female lead. The scenes following her death show the male lead engulfed in sadness and loneliness. The song’s lyrics and the video’s imagery create a moving portrayal of grief.

“Getting Started” is a testament to Paapa Versa’s lyrical and visual storytelling – a skill praised by music lovers and social media users. A netizen wrote, “The visuals and the music convey all your emotions.

“I hope you have found peace.” Ghanaian filmmaker Osei Kwame also commended Paapa Versa in a tweet that read, “Great storytelling and befitting

The “Getting Started” music video is one of many projects Paapa Versa will release in 2023. He started the year with the Koo Kusi-assisted “Lights Go Dim” before releasing his 10-track album Versa Villa.

Watch the music below:

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