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Open Xeason Set Pop-up in Accra: Welcome to your Xeason

Welcome to Day 2 of the vibrant and energetic world of Open Xeason! Get ready to experience an extraordinary pop-up event hosted by this fast-rising fashion brand at Untamed Empire in Accra.

Here’s everything you need to know to make the most of your time at the SET pop-up:

Event Details:

  • Date: 28th and 29th July 2023
  • Time: From 11 am till late on both days
  • Venue: Untamed Empire, Accra

About Open Xeason: Open Xeason is not your ordinary fashion brand. They believe that high fashion should be accessible to everyone, including the middle-class market, and they are on a mission to cater to the diverse needs of different cultures.

With a strong foundation in the art and fashion spaces, Open Xeason aims to become a household name in urban culture.

What to Expect: The SET pop-up is not just a typical fashion showcase. It’s an opportunity to witness a unique experience that goes beyond showcasing Open Xeason’s collections and collaborations with other brands. This event is all about creating moments that will leave a lasting impact on your hearts.

Exciting Activities: Prepare for an event filled with excitement and creativity.

The SET pop-up will host a variety of activities for attendees to enjoy:

  • Podcast Sessions: Participate in engaging podcast sessions from ‘Vinyl
  • Video Games
  • Skateboarding: Experience the thrill of skateboarding as skilled riders demonstrate their moves.
  • Freestyle Cyphers: Enjoy the rhythmic flow of talented rappers as they engage in freestyle cyphers.

Embracing Unity and Diversity: Open Xeason’s goal is to bring unity, connection, and understanding to every individual attending the event. They strive to establish a strong presence in the fashion and arts spaces while delivering top-notch services. Open Xeason believes that high fashion should be affordable and inclusive, catering to different cultures and people from all walks of life. collaboration: The SET pop-up event will be supported by, an arts and music platform that shares the brand’s values and represents more than just a clothing line.

Open Xeason’s designs are unique, edgy, and bold, reflecting the confidence and fashion-forwardness of their customers.

The After-Party: After an exhilarating first day at the pop-up event, join the after-party at the Beehive in Accra to continue the celebration.

Embrace the vibrant energy of Open Xeason and be a part of this fashion revolution in Accra!

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