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Nigerian silently setting sing-a-thon World Record as Ghanaian readies to break same

Jazminesing Sing-a-thon

A Nigerian, Jazminesing is silently on her way to potentially setting a sing-a-thon Guinness World Record (120hrs target).

This comes ahead of Ghana’s Afua Asantewaa Aduonum’s upcoming marathon attempt (aiming for 117 to 120 hours) in Accra.

Jazminesing is expected to end on Thursday, December 22 while Ghana’s Afua takes over on Sunday, December 24.

Interesting times ahead.

@jazminesing Getting ready to attempt the GWR @Guinness World Records longest singing hours starting tomorrow…. Join us live here and get ready to have loads of fun whilst doing something really important to me ❤ Wish me luck #guinessworldrecord #longestsingingmarathon ♬ original sound – Jazminesing🎙️
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