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Mzbel: ‘I wrote ’16 Years’ in a taxi, it changed my life’


Ghanaian music icon Mzbel has revealed the intimate and impactful origin of one of her most significant songs, ‘16 Years’.

She says the creation of this powerful piece took place within the confines of a taxi.

In a revelation on Tuesday , Mzbel disclosed that the song was born out of a profound desire to address the sensitive issue of rape.

The song, which she released in 2007, served as a platform for her to raise awareness about a critical social concern.

MzBel’s “16 Years” resonated deeply with audiences across Ghana and beyond, quickly becoming a resounding anthem that carried a poignant message.

The song’ struck a chord with listeners, catapulting it to remarkable heights of popularity. Recalling the song’s journey, Mzbel expressed her astonishment at the overwhelming success it achieved.

Not only did “16 Years” dominate the airwaves within Ghana, but it also propelled her into the international spotlight, transcending borders and cultures.

During an interview on Accra-based 3 Music, MzBel recounted how the song’s impact took her by surprise, highlighting how its resonance not only resonated with her home audience but also allowed her to make her mark on the global music scene.

As MzBel’s words continue to resonate with her fans and music enthusiasts, her journey serves as a testament to the enduring power of creativity and artistry.

She however lamented what she believes is the gradual depletion of originality in Ghana’s music scene. The artistes believes the genre Hiplife is the biggest loser in this development.

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