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Musicians defy rains to rock the stage at Sunkwa 2023 concert in Accra

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Despite the threat of slight rains, Sunkwa 23, a celebration of life and unity, proved to be a resounding success.

Held at the enchanting Area Bar in Osu on September 2nd, 2023, the event lived up to its name, “Cry For Life,” reminding attendees of the immeasurable value of life.


Mac M take fans all the way back at Sunkwa with this Darkovibes record

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In a world where life is the greatest gift, Sunkwa 23 used the universal language of music to unite people, spread messages of unity and peace, and emphasize the significance of living in harmony.

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This extraordinary gathering was made possible through the collaborative efforts of Cheesewave and Ground Up Chale. Their joint mission was to bring the magic of music to the forefront, inspiring a sense of togetherness and understanding.

@theculturejoint The Art performing at #Sunkwa23 ♬ original sound – theculturejoint

The lineup featured a diverse and vibrant array of Ghana’s musical talent, from Kirani Ayat and Klu to Spacely, Mac M, AratheJay, Yung Pabi, Teriwiizi, Marince Omario, Kid Kwesi, Kwame Yesu, Khalifina, Ablla Unique, Kimati, Phyl4lyf, Tradey, Ohene Parker, The ART, and The Village.


AraTheJay performs Vous Allez at Sunkwa

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The event’s ambiance was masterfully curated by DJs KQTHEARTIST, Wanzam The Classic DJ, and DJ Big Kris, ensuring that the beats remained electric and the energy contagious.

Jiggy Ryda, the event’s host, expertly guided attendees through an engaging and unforgettable experience.


Marince Omario x Questo

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As the days drew closer to September 2nd, 2023, the anticipation for Sunkwa 23 continued to grow.

@theculturejoint Kid Kwesi at #Sunkwa23 ♬ original sound – theculturejoint

The event immersed attendees in an atmosphere of harmony, celebration, and gratitude, painting a memorable night that will linger in their hearts.

Sunkwa 23 was supported by Guide Radio, Muse Africa, Amber Africa, Fourth Avenue, Anidaso TV, The Culture Joint, Accra Essentials, and Reddy Live.

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