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Joeboy releases first single ‘Osadebe’ after Empawa exit 


Following his exit from Empawa and the start of his own record label, Joeboy has come through with his first single under the new regime called “Osadebe”. 

Osadebe is a smooth tempo record with themes centered around self-reflection and positive proclamations produced by K-Dreamz.

The song references late Chief Osita Osadebe’s hit single “Osondi Owendi” which was the anthem of the south-east and southern parts of Nigeria in the early 2000s. 

“I no dey cross my lane, I’m living like Osadebe, Osondi Owendi (meaning One man’s treasure is another man’s trash in English) – This is Joeboy alluding to the fact that he isn’t running the same race as other artistes and isn’t moved by the unnecessary comparisons and pressures that come with being a successful artist from Nigeria. 

Joeboy has come under criticism for being a “quiet artist” who stays out of the media’s eye and audience focus. On Osadebe, Joeboy lets everyone that cares to listen know that he loves his lane, doing things the way he wants and still killing it. That’s his preferred lifestyle. 

Setting up The Young Legend record Label and signing to Warner Music is testament to the success Joeboy has enjoyed since he burst onto the scene in 2019 and there’s absolutely no sign of him slowing down.  

“The fact is, you can do things on your own terms and stay in your lane and achieve the same, if not better, results than other people living lou

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