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J. Cole surprises fans with new song ‘Procrastination (Broke)’ recorded over a YouTube ‘J. Cole Type Beat’

J. Cole

J. Cole surprises fans with new song ‘Procrastination (Broke)’ recorded over a YouTube ‘J. Cole Type Beat’

As far as fascinating stories in the music scene go, this may just be one for the books.

37-year-old Jermaine Lamarr Cole woke up demotivated one day and went on YouTube for inspiration.

He made a simple search on the video streaming platform. He decided to simply search “J. Cole type beat” on YouTube.

Cole found one on music producer, Bvtman’s channel.

“Yours was the first I saw. I pressed play, focused, and wrote this,” read a message presumably sent to him by J. Cole.

Unusual as this may sound, the said producer Bvtman dropped the song ‘Procrastination (Broke)’ by J, Cole on Wednesday, January 19.

The text which is now the song’s cover photo further stated that “this is some shit that would normally stay in the vault, but I don’t want to hold onto the music like that no more. This is for you and whoever else needs to hear it. God bless bro and keep doing what you do!”

Bvtman said he was not aware of this until a team member from Dreamville reached out with a fully recorded version of his beat which had been earlier uploaded on YouTube.

This is the musician’s first song after his most recent album, The Off Season, dropped last year.

The lyrics however hint at Cole working towards his next project which has seen a bit of Procrastination, hence the need for motivation – and hopefully he has found it in this “J. Cole Type Beat’.

“This song should live on your channel and serve as a thank you to you and every producer out there cooking up and sharing their work with the world. It’s a million artists out there right now just like me, hungry and searching every day for something to spark a word, a melody, a hook, a verse, a punchline, a way to vent, or a way to CUT THROUGH,” Cole added

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