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Freddie Gambini breaks silence with new single ‘Active’ after 2-year hiatus

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Ghanaian music prodigy Freddie Gambini has made his much-anticipated return to the music scene with the release of his latest single, ‘Active.’

After a two-year break from the industry, Gambini is ready to reclaim his place in the spotlight and make waves with his fresh, innovative sound.

During his hiatus, Freddie Gambini stayed connected to his musical roots through notable collaborations.

He featured on the track “Pain and Pleasure” by Iyke Parker and LeonardoDDJ, alongside his Ghanaian music collective, 99Phaces.

This collaboration showcased his seamless ability to blend his distinct style with other artists, maintaining a presence in the music scene even while he was on a break.

Now, with “Active,” Gambini is set to make a bold statement. Showcasing his evolution and his readiness to take on new challenges and opportunities in the music world.

By: Jude Tackie

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