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Creatives find new home in WorldFaze Studio and Residency in Ogbojo, Accra


In the bustling neighborhood of Ogbojo, Accra, a recently established art studio has emerged, attracting creatives, enthusiasts, and curious passers-by alike.

Boasting a sleek and contemporary design, the studio serves as a haven for exhibitions, workshops, and artists’ residencies, with the goal of ensuring sustainability and growth through professional development, enabling connections, and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and experimentation.

Owned by artist Kwesi Botchway, he shares that the motivation behind establishing the studio stemmed from a deep-seated aspiration to cultivate an environment where artists could unite and learn from one another.

“My intention was to create a sanctuary where individuals could freely express themselves and explore their artistic potentials,” Kwesi Botchway explains.

The studio is set to be officially launched on August 19, 2023, with an exhibition by artists, Daniel Nartey Tetteh and Jephthah Bentsil Kobiah, current artists in residence. With a loyal following, the studio has successfully attracted numerous artists, curators, writers, collectors, galleries, and museums frequently vising the space. 

Yet, its allure extends beyond the artist community, as it has become a favored destination for art enthusiasts in search of emerging talents. As a result, the studio is swiftly evolving into a central hub within the city’s thriving art scene.

The studio’s first resident artist is Daniel Tetteh Nartey, a multidisciplinary artist whose work delves into the intersection of art and the human body. By employing canvas and paints, Daniel prompts viewers to contemplate the role played by different body parts in both human mobility and societal structure.

Through his paintings of heads, hands, and legs, he highlights the harmonious collaboration necessary within society to achieve shared objectives.

The second resident artist is Jephthah Bentsil Kobiah, a painter renowned for his vibrant and colorful canvases, which draw inspiration from the natural world. With a keen focus on the interplay of light and color, Jephthah creates artworks that address political and social disparities.

Some of his pieces also narrate the arduous journey of Africans seeking greener pastures in foreign lands for survival. Both resident artists have become indispensable members of the studio’s creative community, generously sharing their expertise and knowledge with students and visitors alike.

Their presence has nurtured an environment of experimentation and exploration, stimulating fresh ideas and approaches to the process of artistic creation.

The art studio’s unwavering commitment to hosting residency artists exemplifies its dedication to nurturing and championing emerging talent within the art world.

By providing a conducive space for artists to work, create, and collaborate, the studio plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of the continent’s cultural landscape.

Kwesi Botchway, the esteemed owner of the art studio, stands as a highly respected and accomplished artist in his own right. Boasting a career that has spanned numerous years and continents, Kwesi’s artwork has graced the walls of prestigious galleries and museums worldwide, earning him critical acclaim for his distinctive vision and ground-breaking artistic approach.

He channels his extensive experience and knowledge into mentoring and serving as a role model for the artists and students who grace its premises.

His unwavering commitment to fostering creativity and building a sense of community permeates every facet of the studio, from its innovative classes and workshops to its steadfast support of emerging talent.

As Kwesi continues to build and expand the studio, there is no doubt that it will solidify its position as an indispensable space of the city’s cultural landscape.

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