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Black Sherif’s sought-after unreleased song performed at Mozama Disco

Black Sherif

Fans who had convened at the Mozama Disco Concert on Wednesday, December 21, did not expect it.

A very sought-after song that he had never released was performed to the elation of the audience.

About a year ago, Black Sherif had gained notoriety for drooping hits once a snippet filmed usually by himself pops up online.

At that time, if he uploaded a clip of his freestyle onto Twitter, the growing fans knew to expect a banger in the next couple of days.

He had adopted similar strategies for his breakthrough First Sermon and Second as well.

But there was one freestyle in between which never saw the light of day.

The actual song of the amateur video posted on March 28, 2021, was never released.

But Blacko seems to have been keeping it for a rainy day.

On Wednesday, during his debut Ghana concert, he decided to share it with his fans.

Though it has been over a year and a half since he teased it, the lyrics were still fresh in the fans’ minds.

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