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‘Bambambella’- Gr8nes Voke’s new single previews upcoming project

‘Bambambella’- Gr8nes Voke

Owhrode Ovuoke known by his stage name, Gr8nes Voke, is a remarkable Nigerian artist with multiple talents.

Hailing from Warri in Southern Nigeria and currently based in Lagos, Gr8nes Voke has mastered the arts of singing, rapping, songwriting, producing, DJing, and even skateboarding.

He is also a proud member of GTB Boys, showcasing his multifaceted persona.

Recently, on August 4th, 2023, Gr8nes Voke dropped his latest single titled “Bambambella.”

This release offers a glimpse into his upcoming project, setting the stage for what’s to come. The track is an upbeat dancehall sensation that channels his desires and admiration for his partner. With candid lyrics and infectious beats, “Bambambella” is a celebration of happiness and passion, reflecting Gr8nes Voke’s dynamic and uninhibited approach to music.

Stream “Bambambella” now on gr8nesvoke – Listen on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music – Linktree

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